Konzepthaus Laboratorium

Konzepthaus laboratorium aims to be an interdisciplinary and transcultural research platform in which artistic and creative experiences converge aimed at grasping the new challenges of the contemporary condition.  Having ascertained that in order to face the complexity of the present moment an ‘open’ convergence of the various disciplines and trends is necessary, Das Konzept wants to make a physical and intellectual space available to architects, artists, designers, academics, researchers and social science experts. to share ideas, projects and practices that, in addition to questioning the limits of the status quo, have the desire and the courage to re-invent the present and imagine future possibilities.  The association’s program will progressively develop through exhibitions, presentations and meetings open to the public through which the founders will highlight, through their professional experiences, some areas of interest and action to initiate a broader dialogue and attract attention and interest of those who recognize themselves in this approach and feel the desire to share it and contribute to it.