Design Antonio Scarponi & Roberto de Luca 2013

Hotello is portable space in a wardrobe case that contains all the necessary elements to build a minimal living and working space: a bed, a desk, a lamp, a chair, a shelf, a cupboard. Hotello consists of a dismountable metal structure that supports a double curtain: a darkening, sound-absorbing curtain as well as a translucent curtain.

The 20th century left large unused shells in our cities. Sheds, factories, industrial plants, barracks and military depots were rapidly dismantled and abandoned. The modern city is learning to develop reuse strategies to re-inhabit these building shells. Hotello is a 2m x 2m x 2m residential module designed for this kind of urban reuse, where design, the planning of interiors, becomes one of the main drivers of urban regeneration and transformation.

Hotello, designed by Roberto De Luca and Antonio Scarponi, is a portable space in a suitcase that contains all the elements that make up a minimal living cell: a bed, a desk, a lamp, a chair. Hotello consists of a demountable metal structure that supports a double curtain: an obscuring and sound-absorbing curtain and a translucent curtain that filters the light.

Hotello was born from the collaboration between the artist Roberto De Luca and the architect Antonio Scarponi, based on the idea of erecting temporary, self-built architectures on the beaches of the northern seas to shelter from the wind.

Roberto de Luca ( was born in Rapallo in 1962, lives and works between Thun and Bern. His research operates at the interface between an inner state of communication, which is ethical in nature, and an outer mode, which is aesthetic in nature. This practice allows for an interpretation of his work, the single object for environmental accumulation, as a threshold work, directed on the one hand towards the interior of a semantic space, and on the other towards the reaction, the feedback of an external response, of a collective order.


1977-80 School of Applied Arts in Chiavari. 

1981-87 Academy of Fine Arts Brera, Milan. 

Solo and group exhibitions

2022 Founded, together with Alessandro Rolandi and Marc
Biesenkamp, he founded the concept house Laboratorium, where he
is currently organisational director.

2021 Bern and Thun: Poetic food project, with Alessandro Rolandi.  

         Bern: gepard14-Dialogos 5. 

          The Hague: Pulchri Studio Nederland- Latitudini dell’arte
contemporary art biennale.

2020 Dornach: Dornach Monastery Foundation, artist residency project.
“breathe on”. 

2019 Lugano: Spazio ex macello, fama_fame e asta di beneficienza with
Silvano Repetto  

2018 Milan: Hotello somnia et labora “Abitare un ritardo” Triennale di
Milano 999. una collezione di domande sull’abitare contemporaneo. 

2017 Genoa: Biennale Le latitudini dell’arte Palazzo Ducale. 

2016 Bern: Progr Zentrum Kulturproduktionen ” Living in a
Delay” project with Ermanno Cristini and Giancarlo Norese.

         Zurich: Hotello & DaDA project as guests at Cabaret Voltaire. 

          Thun: Panorama Marquard Wocher project “das Nastuch” with
Michaela Cerullo. 

2015 London: Fama_Fame Art Lab 2with Olivia Notaro. 

         Milan: Galleria cecontemporary “Estetica del gusto”. 

2014 Bern: Progr. Centre for Cultural Production DER GAST UND DER

2013 Milan: Hotello somnia et labora Fabbrica del vapore.                            
         Bern: Art Lab1 Bern Lovefield, Gepard14. 

2012 Genoa: Social Body, Palazzo Ducale, sala Dogana. 

         Biella: Museo del Territorio Dialoghi “Col segno della croce”.  

2011 La Habana: Projecto Circo Videocreacion & Performance.
Galeria 23y. 

2010 Genoa: Museo d’arte contemporanea di Villa Croce.

2009 Berlin: Italian Restyle Tcheles New Gallery. 

         Biella: Terribly Emotional, Galleria Silvy Bassanese. 

2008 Bellinzona: Terribly Emotional, Castello di Sasso Corbaro. 

2007 Bern: Progr “Here we are”. 

2006 Zurich: Agent-provocateur “La gabbia d’oro”. 

          Bremgarten: THE THING WITH DEATH “Il muro del pianto”. 

          Losone: La fabbrica fama_fame with Daniele Pario Perra and
Giancarlo Norese. 

2005 Solothurn: S11 Kunstlerhaus “Cercando la luce” with Meinrad

         Biel: Centre Pasquart, Foto forum. 

2004 Genoa: European City of Culture “Ars munda” Galleria
Leonardi V-Idea. 

             Biel: Centre Pasqu Art “Jeux d’enfants”. 

             Moutier: Musèe Jurassien des Art “Aeschlimann-Corti

Scholarship.  Awards / Grants / Scholarships 

Work grant from the city of Thun and the canton of Bern. 

2003 Contribution ad personam UBS Kulturstiftung. 

2008 Project support Cercando la luce. City of Thun, Office for Culture
Canton of Berne,                           

         City of Bern Cultural Promotion, Swiss Association for the Blind.

 2020 Dornach Monastery Foundation, artist residence. 

Publications / Editions 

2004 Ars munda, il ramo Editore. 

fama_fame City of Solothurn. Cronache di design 2, a cura di Luca Mazzari, De Ferrari Edizione. 

2018 Hotello somnia et labora “Abitare un ritardo” Triennale di
Milano.La centrale edizioni. 

2020 on breathe, ifduif Art editions.

Antonio Scarponi (

is an architect and designer. He is the founder of Conceptual Devices, a research and development studio for architecture and design.
Antonio Scarponi studied architecture at the Cooper Union in New York and at the IUAV in Venice, where he received his PhD in urban planning. He has taught at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm and at the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA) in Milan. In 2008 he was one of the five finalists for the Curry Stone Design Prize, and in 2012 he was nominated for the Katerva Sustainability Award.

Ausstellungen & Events:


Via Farini – Fabricca del Vapore Milano >> Link
Selected by the Wallstreet Journal as one of the 10 best exhibitions at Milan Design Week


Thuner Kulturnacht


Galerie Krethlow, Bern


Fuori Salone, Destrict Lambrate, Milano


Triennale, Milano


Cabaret Voltaire, Zürich – 100 years Dada


Hotello & Dada – Konzepthalle6 Thun


Designer’s Saturday Langenthal

Hotello in german television