Incontro with Farm Cultural Park

Our gift to start the cooperation with the Farm Cultural Park. The “Incontro” table by Ueli Biesenkamp. A table full of tension.

28th may 2022 – 7 pm – public presentation in Farm Cultural Park

The table is assembled and finished on site.
Design Ueli Biesenkamp 2022

>> Farm Cultural Park, Favara, Sizilien
>> daskonzept group ag

Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper shows Jesus sitting at a table with his 12 disciples. If we translate that into a unit of measurement, the table would have to be 360 cm long if the whole company were to sit around the table. 60 cm for each disciple and Jesus at the head of the table. For me, these 60 cm are Italian table culture. Society is not afraid to sit close together. Sitting close together encourages communication and bonding. Especially when the table is stocked with wine and food. Unforgettable are my experiences at the Piemont, where the tables bend under the weight of the food that Nonna has prepared with love. The Incontro table should subordinate itself to this culture.

Quoting Ueli Biesenkamp