International Art Video Festival

13.8. – 20.8.2022

Vernissage: Fr., 12.8.2022 from 18.00
Exhibition: 13.8. bis 20.8.2022

28 video artists from all over the world perform at the first international Art Video Festival “No-Mad” – Rooted in becoming.

Curator Alessandro Rolandi has chosen the topic of nomadism as a guiding principle, on which the artists make their statements in video form.

Die Artists:

Kristina Koskentola (Finland/Holland) W

Artist-Researcher-Scholar working between Amsterdam, China and Japan on shamanism, rituals and cultural practices at the crossroad between tradition and modernity within the theoretical frame of Post-Humanism and New Materialism

Frank Gerlitzki (Luxembourgh/Germany) M

Multimedia artist/curator/educator working on performative practices, installation, objects, painting. He has been living in China for over 10 years and one of the few foreigners who chose Guanghzou and rural water villages as his studio and home, avoiding the big cities scene to remain in contact with local culture

Ren Bo (China) W

Artist/Photographer/videomaker. Studied in Moscow and in Beijing. Her multimedia works explore and witnesses intangible sensibilities at the intersection between moving and still images, objects and installation trying to combine elements of Chinese traditional aesthetics and western ones through digital and post-digital mediums and contemporary sculpture. She is indirectly interrogating the notions of cultural identity through a visual language which poetically merges heterogeneous elements conveying a silent aura of suspension.   

Deng Dafei (China) M

Multimedia Artist/Educator based in Beijing where he created a school and an alternative art education methodology based on multiple references from eastern and western tradition. His artworks are often using dark-humor and corrosive fictional realism to discuss society’s issues in a provocative and defying way.

Liang Tao (China) W

Performance Artist / Musician / Dancer. She was only active 2 years in the Beijing international community, before going back to her hometown in Guangzhou. She created subtly choreographed powerful performances unveiling mechanism of psychological and normative violence and controls and their impact on society, identity and gender. 

Ma Yongfeng (China) M

Multimedia artist/activist/curator/researcher currently based in Berlin. One of the pioneers of intervention and social practice in China, he is the founder of ForgetArt and one of the key figures to introduce guerrilla art tactics and independent autonomous practices in the Beijing art scene

Matt Hope (UK) M

Multimedia and installation artist/Sculptor/Musician/draughtsman educated in London, having been living and working between China and Los Angeles for over 20 years. In his work he combines a modernist-inspired interest and accuracy for materials, technological procedures, building and assemblage techniques with a contemporary nomadic curiosity towards the contemporary experimental fields at the intersection of art and science, while constantly re-formulating the importance of the physicality of art and its spatial relationships with the urban landscape and its infrastructures.    

Nan Hao (China) M

Artists/educator/scholar/activist. Beijing-born, he studied in USA and Holland and now has a professor at the Art Faculty of Shantou Normal University. His work ranges from individual to group  performance and installation with a strong focus on socio/political dynamics, within the post-structuralist theoretic frame of post-colonial studies and new materialism.

Doug Lewis (Canada) M

Artist/educator/curator. Studied in Canada and London. Having lived and worked in Beijing for over 10 years he has been active as an art educator, conceptual artist and curator bridging the foreign and local art communities through various exhibitions and projects in Museums, Galleries, Art Academies and Community Centers. He is currently living in Winnipeg.

Ambra Corinti (Italy) W

Sinologist/scholar/film-maker/film-producer/curator/experimental musician. Italian-born, she has been living and working in Beijing since 2005, where she worked for several galleries and institutions before founding ZaJia Lab, one of the most well-known Beijing independent venues for experimental music, independent films, documentary and conceptual and performance art. She is married with the Chinese film-maker Arong (Rong Guang Rong) and together they have made over 10 films and documentaries, among which some were exhibited internationally in various film festivals and received awards in Rotterdam and Locarno

Giancarlo Norese (Italy) M

Artist/Independent Publisher/Curator. Giancarlo has been active and well known on the Italian artistic scene for over 30 years and he has been exhibited internationally and taken part to various group and individual projects which received extensive visibility at the Venice Biennale and many others institutional venues

Michael C.Eddy (Canada) M

Artist/author/curator/publisher/researcher. After having been formed between NY and Alifax, he has been working in various artistic residences across Europe and then spent 10 years in Beijing. His practice is both individual and collective and characterized by focusing on socio-political issues and activism. He has been part of Homeshop, one of the most relevant socially engaged art projects in Beijing from 2005 until 2012. His multimedia work uses dark humor and carefully constructed storytelling and performative and collaborative gestures to carve critical autonomous interzones.

Xiaoshan & Xiong Yunhao (China) W & M

Conceptual Artists/film-makers/art critics/educators/curators. Based in Nanchang and recently New York, they have been professors at Nanchang Art University for many years. They have curated several international exhibitions and symposiums where Chinese and international artists have been invited to show works and discuss about socio-political relevant topics in Museums, Universities and independent spaces. Their work and practice analyzes the changes in Chinese society and those in art making and critical thinking using both time and non-time based mediums.

Tianji Zhao (USA/China) W

Artist/researcher/curator/. Beijing Born, she has been living between USA, Holland and China for over 20 years. Her work focuses on social practice and performative interventions in the public space, video and photographic documentation and publishing.

GeoCinema (Solveig Suess, Asia Bazdyrieva,) (Switzerland/Ukraine) W W

Geocinema (Solveig Qu Suess, Asia Bazdyrieva) is a collective that explores the possibilities of a ‘planetary’ notion of cinema. Their practice has been concerned with the understanding and sensing of the Earth while being on the ground, enmeshed within vastly distributed processes of image and meaning making. Their work has been shown internationally, including the solo show “Making of Earths” (Kunsthall Trondheim, 2020) and group shows such as “Critical Zones” (ZKM Karlsruhe, 2020-21) and “Re-thinking Collectivity” (Guangzhou Image Triennale 2021). In 2020 they were nominated for the Schering Stiftung Award for Artistic Research.

Jose Drummond (Portugal/Macau) M

He is a Portuguese artist currently based in Shanghai. His research-driven practice is an enigmatic, elliptical, and poetic investigation of the space in-between cultures and in-between mediums. He has an MFA in Creative Practice from the University of Plymouth (UK) and the Transart Institute in New York (USA). 1986/1994 At. Re – Atelier Livre with professor Pedro Morais (Portugal). 1987/1990 Foundation courses in Painting and Drawing in Ar.Co and SNBA (Portugal) – not completed. 1989 Scenography in IFICT (Portugal). 1999 Management of the Arts in IEEM (Macau). 2016 Sovereign Asian Art Award finalist. 2011 Asia Pacific Photography Prize finalist.

Qiao Xingyue (China) M

Film & documentary director/conceptual artist/ . Born in Shandong, he has been living and working in Beijing for over 15 years and then moved to NY where he was chosen for an international scholarship for young film-makers at Columbia University. He worked for Ai Wei Wei studio for over 5 years and was part of the film crew who filmed and edited some of the most well-known documentaries of Mr. Ai. He is currently working at his first fiction movie while pursuing his higher education in NY.

Peter Friess (Germany) M

Peter is Senior Programme Officer for innovation in Social Media and the STARTS (Science, Technology, Arts) initiative at the Directorate General Connect of the European Commission in

Brussels and a multimedia and conceptual artist addressing current socio-political and aesthetical topics linked to the co-existence of human and non-human life forms

Torsten Zena Burns & Monika Czyzyk (USA/ Poland) M W

Monika is a visual artist and filmmaker primarily working with moving image in the context of experimental documentaries and socially engaged projects. She works nomadically in local contexts, manifesting collaboration-based performances that she combines with recorded experiences to create her films and installations. She lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. Czyżyk holds degrees from The Academy of Fine Arts (Krakow), The Helsinki University of the Arts. Her work has been shown internationally in group and solo exhibitions

Torsten is an artist and media arts educator currently living in Helsinki, Finland. He received his BFA in video and computer arts in 1990 from the New York State College of Art & Design at Alfred University, and his MFA in New Genres: video and performance art from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1993. He creates video, photographs, sculptural installations and electronic publishing projects exploring speculative content including re-imagined educational practices, experimental space programs, ecological fictions, zombie / afterlife relationships and post-human stories. Other long term art projects include video collaborations with Darrin Martin, Monika Czyzyk and Anthony Discenza (Halflifers).

Monika Lin (Switzerland/USA) W

She was raised bicoastally in the United States in New Jersey and the San Francisco Bay Area. She holds a BFA from Mills College in Oakland, an MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City, and an MA in Interactive Media Arts from NYU Tisch School of the Arts. Her work deals primarily with social-political themes emphasising cultural constructs and economics; the social relevance of art through dialogue, collaboration and relational experience; and questions of myth and materiality. Ms. Lin has lived in Shanghai since 2006. She has attended residencies in Madrid, Vermont, Jingdezhen, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.  She is currently an Assistant Arts Professor of Visual Arts at New York University Shanghai.

Adel Andalibi (Iran) M

                                                                                                                    Scholar/researcher/performance artist/educator/ film-maker. Born in Teheran, formed in the USA with a phd in Anthropology he has been living and working in China for over 15 years. In parallel to his academic and ethnographic activity, he has been training all his life and teaching somatic movement and has spent time in a Dervish monastery (practicing the swirling dance) and in various Daoist monasteries in China. He defines himself as a “sacred clown” continuously shifting from practicing at the same time a rigorous anthropological field and cultural research through documentary and film-making to his spiritual and body consciousness quest.    

Megumi Shimizu (Japan) W

She has studied traditional Asian painting and performance art in Tokyo and Beijing, where she lived over 15 years. Her performances, actions and workshop explore the limits of the body within the structures and norms of society. She has been the only female performance artist constantly living and working in the Chinese contemporary art from 2000 to 2014. Her work has been exhibited internationally since 2008.

Ani Shultz (Germany/Portugal) W

Ani Schulze has developed a diverse body of works, often arranged in comprehensive spatial installations. Her films, drawings, sculptures and installations unfold visual worlds in which the mutual relationship and porous boundaries between body, technology, fantasy and space are encircled.

Li Xin Lu (Lulu Li) (China/Bali) W

“I use text, context, spells, symbols, sentences, syntax, objects, time, space, bodies, gestures, fables, lores, parodies, both tangible and intangible matters, as tools and means to manifest those not yet manifested. I do believe one has to cultivate certain level of sensitivity of attentive listening in order to bring potentials which lay in latency in personal and collective psyche to perceivable phenomenons. In other words, me being artist is to be capable conduit and story teller.” 
Lulu Li is an active practitioner in fields of design, art,  interaction design, research, curatorial practice, and  entrepreneurship. Both her personal works and studio works has won numerous awards from TOCA ME, Gilbert de Botton UAL awards, Red Dot, IF award, to the Best app 2014 and 2015 in app store. Her personal renowned design work series “the lightning babe” has won her reputation in Chinese design scene 2007,

Miriam Simun (to be confirmed) (USA/RUSSIA/UKRAINE)

Miriam Simun is a research-based artist investigating the implications of socio-technical and environmental change. Simun is a graduate of the London School of Economics, the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University. Her work has been the subject of numerous international presentations, including exhibitions at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York; the Museum of Arts and Design, New York; the DeutscheBank Kunsthalle, Berlin;

Andrea Nacciarriti (Italy)

Andrea Nacciarriti (born in Italy, 1976) studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti, Bologna (1998-2003). In 2003, he wrote his thesis on “the dispersal of architectural language” and graduated with an honors degree in Fine Arts. In 2005, he attended the Advanced Course in Visual Arts with Alfredo Jaar at the Fondazione Antonio Ratti in Como. Andrea has attended residency programs in China, Finland, and Morocco. In 2010 he won the Terna Prize 03.

Arden Surdam (USA) W

Arden Surdam is an artist employing food to investigate the varying points at whichbiological, astronomical, and geological timelines converge. Scientific fiction and reality glissad through Surdam’s photographic and sculptural artworks, where organic materials at varying points in their life cycles meet for unusual collaborations.

Umberto Cavenago

The Italian artist Umberto Cavenago has a very special place on this occasion with his project “Sweet Home”.

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