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Design: Ueli Biesenkamp

Vernissage: Fryday, 25th November 2022
Konzepthaus Laboratorium, Berntorgasse 16, 3600 Thun
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Design is culture …
This project focuses on research into the future development of the workplace. In the field of tension between home office, teamwork, conferencing and communication, the Konzepthaus Laboratorium under the direction of Ueli Biesenkamp has developed a proposal that incorporates spatial solutions for the diverse demands of the ever-changing needs of the working world.

Every beginning starts with a vision.
It is the goal of a new kind of flexibility in life.

Those who promote creativity live more intensively.
In the process, design can influence the goal.

PUNKT helps the new generation of management to implement non-territorial work in the creative area, in coworking and in the home office.

PUNKT takes care of the dynamic, constantly changing needs of the working world. It adapts to changing situations with ease and accommodates functions such as workstations, standing desks, seating or lounge zones. These can be adapted at any time with little effort.

PUNKT is produced and marketed by daskonzept group ag.
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