Manifestation of an invisible infrastructure by Daniel Ritter

Friday, 3rd march 2023 – 6 pm
Konzepthaus Laboratorium, Berntorgasse 16, 3600 Thun
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with live performance from artist Daniel Ritter

The orange markers stretch across Switzerland like a network, sometimes catching the eye in the landscape, sometimes in the village, sometimes in industrial areas due to their striking colour. They are signals of a central but invisible infrastructure. As a visual system, the markers serve to locate the gas transport network and are therefore very important from the point of view of safety.

Artist Daniel Ritter’s Panoramic Perches project also functionally adapts the markers to nature by equipping them with perches that provide birds with a place to rest, hunt or groom themselves. The project is the result of a forward-looking interplay between Transitgas AG, the Swiss Gas Industry Association (VSG), a land art project and ornithological expertise.

Daniel Ritter

born 28 August 1953

lives and works in Hellsau, Canton Bern, Switzerland

Sculptor/sculptor in the materials:
Stone, plaster, bronze, lead, iron, glass. Graphic work.

Film/theatre and composition

Interdisciplinary and installation works.